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After split from NYT, Texas Tribune has new high-profile reporting partner

After split from NYT, Texas Tribune has new high-profile partner

For political junkies, this news is like Hanukkah and Christmas and your birthday all rolled into one ordinary weekday. Thursday morning, the Texas Tribune announced it has a new reporting partner: Washington Post.

The news comes less than two months after the New York Times announced it was ending its four-year partnership with the Austin-based Trib, citing financial cuts. Under this new agreement, the Post and the Trib will share editorial content, data analysis and marketing opportunities. 

For the Texas Tribune, which launched in 2010, the partnership is an opportunity to share its world-class political coverage and further quench the nation's thirst for all things Texas politics. For the Washington Post, a partnership with the Tribune further expands its reputation as the nation's premier political newspaper and gives it a solid digital media partner in the age of online journalism. 

Along with the partnership, the Tribune announced its new Washington bureau chief, Abby Livingston, will now office out of the Post's headquarters in downtown D.C. Livingston joined the Tribune in November. 

The Texas Tribune has a new partner in the Washington Post Photo by William Lile/Panoramio