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No resolution in sight for Malouf case as judge extends restraining order at residential waterpark

10711 Strait Lane
Richard and Leanne Malouf's home on Strait Lane.
Malouf home on Strait Lane
Richard and Leanne Malouf scored a temporary restraining order against intruders.
Candace Evans, Candy's Dirt
Real estate blogger Candy Evans, outside County Court at Law No. 3 in the George Allen Courts Building. Photo by Candy Evans
10711 Strait Lane
Malouf home on Strait Lane
Candace Evans, Candy's Dirt

The legal drama continues for real estate blogger and CultureMap contributor Candy Evans. At the request of Richard Malouf and his wife, Leanne, Judge Sally Montgomery has extended the temporary restraining order against Evans and WFAA reporter Byron Harris until December 13.

The restraining order stems from an ongoing dispute between Evans, Harris and the Maloufs over coverage of the couple's waterpark construction. Richard Malouf, a dentist by trade, is himself the target of several other legal investigations related to Medicaid fraud.

 If Native Americans and pilgrims could commune together, surely this motley crew can cobble together a peace treaty.

Malouf and his wife allege that Evans and Harris have tresspassed on their property; invaded their privacy; and defamed, libeled and slandered the couple.

The Maloufs have also named neighbor Laura Wilson, mother of Hollywood stars Andrew, Luke and Owen Wilson, as a defendant in the suit. She was not included in the restraining order, but the Maloufs claim that Wilson assisted Evans and Harris. 

The parties entered mediation on October 26, but no agreement has been reached. If Native Americans and pilgrims could commune together, surely this motley crew can cobble together a peace treaty. Here's to hoping for a Thanksgiving miracle. 

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