New Beer Roundup

Check out these 5 new local craft beers before you order another round

Check out these 5 new local craft beers before you order another round

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Five new beers from local breweries give North Texas drinkers plenty of fresh variety.  Photo by Alex Gregg/Flickr

A handful of new local beers are hitting the market right about now, so it seemed like a good time to round them up. We’ve got two different coffee beers, a fruity twist on a Dallas favorite, a beer made for outdoor activities and one you won’t find anywhere but at the brewery that makes it.

Happy drinking.

Community Beer Company Ascension Coffee Porter
Community kept it in the Design District family and teamed up with Ascension to create a coffee porter. Brewery owner Kevin Carr says the inspiration for the beer came from head brewer Jamie Fulton’s award-winning history with the style from his pre-Community days.

The 6.8 percent ABV brew uses fresh-roasted Sumatra beans from Ascension to create a deep Baltic porter with a little kick of caffeine. It’s one of 15 beers available at Community’s birthday bash on January 18.

Deep Ellum Brewing Company Oak Cliff Coffee Ale
Deep Ellum Brewing has also decided to go the coffee route, combining an oatmeal brown ale that has a bit of milk sugar with a Panamanian coffee from Oak Cliff Coffee called Carmen. Head brewer Jeremy Hunt calls it “the best beer that I have ever had a hand in making. Seriously.”

The ale is 7.5 percent ABV with 33 IBUs and is currently making its debut tour beginning with a preview party at Davis Street Espresso in Bishop Arts on January 16.

Lakewood Brewing Company Raspberry Temptress
The Temptress at Lakewood is one of Dallas’ most popular beers — and with good reason. Now the brewery is bringing one of its variations on the imperial milk stout to full production with a raspberry Temptress. Lakewood takes a completed batch of Temptress and throws it in a fermenter with raspberry puree for a drink that contains notes of chocolate and the tartness of raspberries.

It’s still at Temptress’ original 9.1 percent ABV, and the beer debuts February 10 at bars that typically carry the regular Temptress, such as Common Table, Goodfriend and Holy Grail Pub.

Martin House Brewing Company Gateway XPA
Although most breweries embrace rich and dark beers during the colder months, Martin House has gone the opposite direction and created Gateway XPA, an extra pale ale designed for “session” drinking. At 5 percent ABV and 19 IBUs, Gateway, which draws its name from Fort Worth’s Gateway Park Trail, is an easygoing beer designed for drinking during a post-mountain bike adventure or in the backyard with some friends playing cornhole.

It officially launches on January 17 at the Bearded Lady in Fort Worth.

Peticolas Brewing Company Black Curtains Stout
The new Black Curtains stout from Peticolas is arguably the hardest beer to get on this list. Michael Peticolas and company only pour the beer during tours on the first and third Saturday of each month, and they have no plans to let it leave the nest.

The stout blends the roasted malt bitterness with relatively high levels of citrusy and floral hops and boasts an 11 percent ABV. Peticolas drew inspiration for the beer from Cream’s song “White Curtains,” which is, just maybe, a hint for the future.