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New documentary about Deep Ellum Brewing Company puts you in the mood for a Dallas Blonde

Deep Ellum Brewing Company's Darkest Hour
The Darkest Hour is DEBC's seriously dark specialty Rye Imperial Stout that will put hair on your chest.  Deep Ellum Brewing Company/Facebook
Deep Ellum Brewing Co at Meat Fight in Dallas
Chris "Hollywood" Michalowski and Zack Fickey at the Meat Fight fundraiser for MS.  Photo by Cecily Johnson
Deep Ellum Brewing Company in Dallas
DEBC is only about 15 months old, but they've managed to create a wide array of beers that will work for just about any pallate.  Deep Ellum Brewing Company/Facebook

It’s no secret that we’re fond of local breweries, and with good reason: There are great new brews popping up all over North Texas. But Deep Ellum Brewing Company was the first craft brewer in Dallas and a big player in the beer renaissance of late.

True, Franconia and Rahr have been around for a while, but this latest wave started when Deep Ellum Brewing opened its doors in November 2011. If you’ve ever wondered what goes on down on St. Louis Street, the crew recently released a short documentary that chronicles its growth from an idea in founder John Reardon’s mind to its current success in Dallas and throughout the state.

The video features interviews with employees, including Reardon, Zack Fickey, Tait Lifto and chief brewer Drew Huerter. The guys discuss brewing techniques, growth plans and the community Deep Ellum Brewing helps foster within the neighborhood. There are also interviews with Ernest Belmore of Buzzbrews, John Williams of Oak St. Drafthouse and Wes Waters of Whole Foods Lakewood. Michael Peticolas has a cameo in the credits.

Be sure to stick around until the 10:20 mark, when Reardon sums up the North Texas craft beer scene. There’s still a long way to go, but there’s a lot of hope and room for good beer to thrive.

If nothing else, the video gets you in the mood for a Dallas Blonde or one of the many seasonal and small-batch brews available around town. 

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