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Another Serious Burger Discussion

Maple & Motor crowned the best burger joint in Dallas and among the top 25 in U.S.

Cheeseburger with bacon and jalapeños at Maple & Motor in Dallas
Maple & Motor was noted for its "greasy, cheesy, amazing burgers" by Zagat users.  Photo by Melisa Ambers
Jack Perkins of Maple & Motor at Meat Fight
Jack Perkins is jumping into the barbecue pit with Slow Bone, opening this spring near the Design District.  Photo by Nicholas McWhirter
Austin photo: Places_Food_Hopdoddy_Burger
Hopdoddy's was named the best burger in Austin, which is good for us, because one just opened in Preston Center. Photo by: Ardenstreet
Cheeseburger with bacon and jalapeños at Maple & Motor in Dallas
Jack Perkins of Maple & Motor at Meat Fight
Austin photo: Places_Food_Hopdoddy_Burger

Not content to let Eater hog the burger spotlight, Zagat just released its list of the Best Burgers in 25 American Cities. One Dallas joint made the cut: Maple & Motor.

Based on Zagat scores compiled by actual eaters, the list looked at 25 cities and picked the highest-ranking burger on a 30-point scale. Maple & Motor took top honors in Dallas, with scores of 25, 14 and 19 in food, décor and service, respectively. Diners described M&M as “the coolest burger joint around” and mentioned “tater tots that make you think you’re back in elementary school.”

Austin also made the list with Hopdoddy’s Burger Bar on South Congress — awarded scores of 25, 20 and 17 — noted for its “juicy, flavorful patties on freshly baked buns.” Of course, Dallas has its own Hopdoddy’s in Preston Center now. So Austin, listen. You’re nothing special.

Both Maple & Motor and Hopdoddy's were noted for long waits, which is usually a pretty good indication that people like the food.

Between M&M, Hopdoddy's and Off-Site Kitchen — which was named the ninth hottest hamburger in America by Eater — it's a good time to be a burger lover in Dallas. 

Of course, M&M owner Jack Perkins isn’t resting just on his burger laurels. This spring, he will open a new barbecue spot called Slow Bone near the Design District.

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