Get Ready to Take a Bite

Chef Eddy sets opening date and menu for new Bite City Grill in Fort Worth

Chef Eddy sets opening date and menu for new Bite City Grill

Chef Eddy Thretipthuangsin
Chef Eddy will be serving lamb meatballs starting on March 20. Photo courtesy of Thrillist

The new Fort Worth restaurant Bite City Grill from former Pakpao chef Eddy Thretipthuangsin is set to open on Thursday, March 20. Thretipthuangsin has unveiled a menu with scallops, short ribs, burgers, lamb meatballs and flatbreads. The restaurant starts taking reservations for dinner on Monday, March 10.

Bite will open in Montgomery Plaza, in the old Monty's Corner space that was most recently Deluxe Bar & Grill. The menu is divided into sections called "Big Bites" and "Small Bites." The Small Bites section is another name for what has lately been called "small plates" — and before that was called "starters" and before that was called "appetizers."

Where has the love gone for the word appetizers?

Small Bites
$7 Roasted Eggplant Dip / Caramelized Onion / Roasted Pepper / Sour Cream / Fines Herbes / Naan Bread
$9 Lamb Meatball / Foie Gras Cream Sherry Sauce / Manchego Cheese
$9 Fried Calamari / Chile Aioli
$10 Beef Carpaccio / Caper Berries / Shaved Parmesan / Cipollini Onions / Miso Garlic Aioli
$10 Charred Octopus / Peppadew Peppers / Ginger Aioli
$14 Wood Fired Lamb Pop / Garlic Cilantro Soy Glaze / Curried Onion Relish
$12 P.E.I. Mussels / Garlic / Onion / Bell Pepper / Celery / Fines Herbes / White Wine Saffron Broth
$13 Lemongrass Coconut Clams / Basil / Lemongrass Coconut Broth
$8 Shishito Peppers / Sea Salt / Romesco Sauce
$8 Soy BBQ Shrimp / Soy BBQ sauce / Blue Cheese Slaw

Dinner includes a variety of salads and flatbreads:

$9 Miso Caesar / Heart of Romaine / Parmesan - Reggiano / Miso Caesar Dressing / White Anchovy Crostino
$8 Chopped Salad / Romaine / Roasted Pepper / Tomato / Cucumber / Red Onion / Black Olive / Balsamic Vinaigrette
$9 Greek Salad / Cucumber / Feta Cheese / Red Onion / Grape Tomato / Nicoise olive / Red Wine Vinaigrette
$8 Mama Lou Salad / Napa Cabbage / Crispy Wonton / Carrot / Chili Sesame Dressing
Soup of the Day

$14 Artichoke / Wild Mushroom / Manchego Cheese
$13 Braised Short Rib / Caramelized Onion / Horseradish Cream
$12 Margherita / Tomato / Basil / Fresh Mozzarella Cheese / Tomato Sauce
$14 Tuna Tataki / Ahi Tuna / Cream Cheese / Baby Arugula / Yuzu Vinaigrette

As for the Big Bites, they include a "global panoply" of options with influences that are Asian, European and American. A round of applause! How often do you see the words "global panoply" in a press release? Never.

Big Bites
$16 Wood Fired Grill Chicken / Cucumber Salad / Sweet Chili Sauce
$24 Scallop Risotto / Lemongrass Risotto / Fines Herbs / Parmesan Reggiano
$18 Five Spice Spare Rib / Baby Bok Choy / Ginger Rice Pilaf
$19 Grilled Salmon Truffle / Wild Mushroom / Soft Polenta / Miso Truffle Cream Sauce
$17 Shrimp Pappardelle / Caper / Tomato / Rainbow Swiss Chard / Parmesan Reggiano
$18 Big Bite Burger / Stuffed Portabella Mushroom Burger / Pepper Jack Cheese / Caramelized Onion / Truffle Fries
$21 Braised Short Rib / Onion / Tomato Confit / Soft Polenta / Balsamic Soy Glaze
$19 Flounder En Papillote / Seasonal Vegetable / Lemon Chili Herbs

Initially, Bite will be open for dinner only. Lunch service follows in April.

Cocktails come from Chris Thretipthuangsin and have a unique theme: They're inspired by the signs of the Zodiac. Additionally, the restaurant offers an amazing array of international wines, including an impressive collection of wines available by the glass.