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Euro-inspired Greenville Avenue restaurant tempts neighbors with Texas tastes

Euro-inspired Greenville restaurant tempts neighbors with Texas tastes

Former Mansion chef Randall Warder has created a "cool, funky little neighborhood joint" on Greenville Avenue called Clark Food & Wine Co., a name he liked for its implicit strength (and because Clark is his mother's maiden name). It's one of the more recent in a long list of restaurants to open along Dallas' new foodie strip.

When he first announced his intentions, Warder said he envisioned a place with a contemporary European attitude and an American-to-the-core menu. Dishes include chicken liver mousse and catfish dip; flatbreads; cheese, vegetable and charcuterie boards; artisan sandwiches and salads; and smoked meats served by the half-pound or pound.

In this exclusive video, Warder chats with us about some of the more popular menu items, many of which come infused with Texas flavors. For example, meatballs are made with a combination of fresh ground beef and smoked brisket; bone marrow has a hint of smoked ancho, and it's finished with truffle salt.

Ancho makes an appearance in the cocktails too, in the form of an ancho tequila martini. Speaking of drinks, Warder is also proud of the wine-on-tap program, which has two each of red and white.

To see more behind the scenes at Clark Food & Wine Co., watch the video.

Meatballs at Clark Food & Wine
Meatballs, made with a mix of ground beef and smoked brisket, are best sellers. Clark Food & Wine Co./Facebook