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It's a Beefy Celebration

BurgerFest to bring the meat to Deep Ellum

Cheeseburger with bacon and jalapeños at Maple & Motor in Dallas
Maple & Motor is one of more than 20 vendors participating in BurgerFest in September. Photo by Melisa Ambers

It’s no BeerFest, but BurgerFest is coming to Deep Ellum on September 21 to ensure you have a full belly of red meat and cheese. It’s American as all hell, y’all.

From the same team that brought April’s North Texas Taco Festival — Rich Vana of Entrée Dallas and José Ralat-Maldonado of Taco Trail — BurgerFest will showcase the beefy talents of more than 20 vendors, including Maple & Motor, Whiskey Cake and Ten Bells Tavern.

To make sure you can sample as many places as possible without dying, each joint will serve slider versions of its burgers.

Like the taco fete, BurgerFest is free for general admission. The festival will run from 11 am-5 pm on Main Street, next to the Deep Ellum Outdoor Market.

If the promise of multiple burgers getting all cozy in your belly isn’t enticing enough, there will be live music, a beer garden and a VIP lounge made entirely out of hamburger meat. It's very exclusive.

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