Whole Foods Bargains

Cheaper than Walmart? Whole Foods may not deserve 'Whole Paycheck' moniker

Whole Foods Market may not deserve 'Whole Paycheck' moniker

Whole Foods Market in Addison
Daily Finance reports that plenty of grocery items are cheaper to buy at Whole Foods Market than other retailers. Photo courtesy of Whole Foods

A routine shopping trip to Whole Foods Market can quickly turn into a triple-digit bill — hence the nickname "Whole Paycheck" — but a recent article by Kiplinger in Daily Finance found almost 20 common grocery items that are cheaper to buy at Whole Foods than just about anywhere else.

Comparing original (not sale) prices at Harris Teeter, Kroger, Safeway, Trader Joe's and Walmart to Whole Foods, the author found that common items like pasta, organic milk and extra virgin olive oil are actually less expensive at the Austin-based grocery retailer.

Though the supermarket has long touted the importance of organic produce, nowadays organic goods can be found just about everywhere. Devotees to the high-end chain will be happy to learn many items like organic carrots, organic peanut butter and frozen organic corn are still cheaper to snag at Whole Foods.

But Whole Foods isn't out-pricing competitors only on organic items; baguettes and certain brands of Greek yogurt, salsa and shredded mozzarella cheese are also better bargains. You can see the entire list of Whole Foods' best buys on the Daily Finance website.