Midnight Rambler

Rolling Stones would love new craft cocktail bar coming to The Joule

Rolling Stones would love new craft cocktail bar coming to The Joule

The Joule hotel in Dallas
Deep in the basement of the Joule will soon lurk the Midnight Rambler. Photo by Eric Laignel
Christy Pope and Chad Solomon
Christy Pope and Chad Solomon. What's their favorite band? Photo courtesy of Christy Pope and Chad Solomon
The Joule hotel in Dallas
Christy Pope and Chad Solomon

A new bar is coming this fall to The Joule, with some high-powered names attached. A "craft cocktail salon" called Midnight Rambler, conceived and operated by famed mixology team Chad Solomon and Christy Pope, will open in the hotel basement.

The duo has had a hand in the Dallas cocktail scene dating back to 2008, when Pope first became a consultant for Victor Tangos. They've had previous involvement with the Joule: In 2012, they signed on to design the cocktail program at CBD Provisions.

Pope and Solomon were unavailable for comment, but according to a staffer at The Joule, Midnight Rambler will go into the space previously occupied by PM Lounge, which closed in 2012. Construction is underway, and the timetable for opening is fall 2014.

A bar named after a Rolling Stones song seems more modern than the PM Lounge, a Ghostbar-era spot with bottle service and tight crowds. 

The help wanted ad, which was posted on May 30, is an amusing study in post-modern foodie-ism 2014. It promises "an exceptional opportunity for hosts who are outgoing and passionate about hospitality." It asks applicants if they can "see themselves" in a job description whose traits include being "engaging" and "intellectually curious," and be willing to adhere to the brand profile of Midnight Rambler.

Applicants must also answer off-topic questions, such as identifying the following:

  • Favorite band (uh, hello, obvious answer, Rolling Stones)
  • Favorite author or artist (correct answer: Andy Warhol)
  • Favorite movie (hint: Gimme Shelter)

These days, it's no longer enough to just be able to pour drinks.

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