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BeerPouch is a flexible growler that transports craft beer wherever you go

The BeerPouch's flexibility and light weight make it ideal for outdoor activities.  Altamont Beer Works/Facebook

Growlers sure are nice. They enable you to take home beer that normally would have to stay at the bar. Although a growler is an appropriate vessel for bringing beer to a barbecue or for drinking on a porch, it’s a little bulky for, say, a hike in the woods.

Enter BeerPouch, a giant Capri Sun-like container designed to carry up to 64 ounces of beer (or Coke or champagne or, insanely, Red Bull). It has a screw top similar to a bottle.

 BeerPouch claims  its aseptic packaging pouch prevents oxygen and sunlight from corrupting your beer. And the pouch rolls up when empty.

Despite a website that is about as fresh as 2002, BeerPouch claims its aseptic packaging pouch prevents oxygen and sunlight from corrupting your beer. And because of its flexibility, the pouch simply rolls up when empty for space saving, making it perfect for hikes or floats.

Throw in the fact that it’s not breakable like glass, and you can take it — and your beer — almost anywhere.

It’s not as fancy as something like Hydro Flask’s insulated stainless steel growler, which is pretty indestructible and will keep beer cold all day — even on a fishing boat. However, the BeerPouch also isn’t $50. In fact, you can order 10 for $60, although they’re not designed to be reused.

It’s also worth noting that the site stresses that you keep the pouch and beer cold, because the “failsafe design will evacuate warm craft ales,” which sounds slightly ominous.

Which is to say, the BeerPouch probably won’t replace your regular growler on a week-to-week basis, but it could prove an invaluable alternative when space and weight are issues.

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