Plum Perfect Cocktail

Outpost American Tavern crafts fall-friendly twist on Tom Collins cocktail

Outpost American Tavern crafts fall-friendly twist on Tom Collins

Outpost American Tavern's Salted Plum Vodka Collins
The salted plum vodka Collins is Outpost American Tavern's new fall-friendly cocktail.  Photo courtesy of Outpost American Tavern

It might seem impossible given the temperatures outside, but eventually it will be fall in North Texas. To that end, Outpost American Tavern in North Oak Cliff is introducing the salted plum vodka Collins to usher in cooler days and brisk nights.

A spin on the Tom Collins cocktail, the salted plum vodka Collins features, well, a salted plum. The salted plum, or saladitos, is a dried or salted version of the fruit that is considered a candy in Mexico and originated in China. In Mandarin, it is known as Suan-Mei, or sour plum.

When you add it to the vodka Collins, the rehydrated plum adds spicy and sour layers to the drink, as well as the natural sweetness of the fruit, to create a multidimensional cocktail. Or at least that’s what the guys at Outpost are saying.

The Outpost recipe calls for one salted plum, one-and-a-half parts Aylesbury Duck and Weave vodka, half-part lemon juice and quarter-part balsamic-cherry gastric. It is shaken and strained with ice and garnished with a cherry.

The $7 cocktail is available now at Outpost through at least those three weeks in November when it actually feels like what most people consider autumn.