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How Dallasites can donate to Cafe Momentum by dining at other restaurants

Dallasites can donate to Cafe Momentum by dining at other restaurants

Cafe Momentum dinner at Bush Library
Cafe Momentum has been hosting pop-up dinners since 2011. It will finally have a permanent home in December 2014. Photo by Robert Bostick
Cafe Momentum pop-up dinner at CampO
The new restaurant is located in Thanks-Giving Square downtown. Photo by Robert Bostick
Patio at Mutts Cantina
Mutts Cantina is already signed up with TransAction so diners can help support Cafe Momentum. Mutts Canine Cantina/Facebook
Cafe Momentum dinner at Bush Library
Cafe Momentum pop-up dinner at CampO
Patio at Mutts Cantina

In what is one of the most unusual charitable endeavors, Cafe Momentum, the restaurant training platform that mentors juvenile offenders, will receive donations from other restaurants such as San Salvaje and Mutts Cantina via a new credit card program.

The credit card program is called TransAction, newly launched by Irving-based CapRock Services. Restaurants such as Mutts and So & So's, which are already enrolled in the TransAction credit card processing platform, contribute a portion of their credit card transaction fees to Cafe Momentum.

"Now when people eat out and use a credit card at supporting restaurants, they can feel good knowing that a little piece of every transaction is going back toward good will in their community," says Cafe Momentum executive director Chad Houser. "Every penny counts toward our ability to make a difference. It has huge potential."

The opportunity to participate doesn't just apply to restaurants; any kind of business that wants to support Cafe Momentum can sign on.

CapRock Services, which provides financial services to hospitality and service industry clients, expects that TransAction will be able to raise an estimated $30,000 for Cafe Momentum within one year, with that figure growing as more restaurants and businesses join.

A list of participating restaurants is on the Cafe Momentum website.

Cafe Momentum will open a full-service restaurant and classroom space at 1510 Pacific Ave. on Thanks-Giving Square in December 2014.

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