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Greenville Bar & Grill closes temporarily for a facelift

Greenville Bar & Grill closes temporarily for a facelift

Greenville Bar & Grill
Greenville Bar & Grill is closed for renovations. Photo courtesy of Greenville Bar & Grill

Lest you think that Greenville Bar & Grill is closed because it hasn't been open for the past few nights, it is not. The Greenville Avenue bar and grill that moved into the old Londoner spot is merely under renovation.

Owner Shawn Foley, who took over the space in September, says he's undertaking some changes to make the space lighter and brighter.

"We've just been doing some construction work, finishing up some renovations that will probably be done mid- to later this week," he says. "We're hoping to be back open on Thursday or Friday."

Foley says they're doing now what they should have done before opening as Greenville Bar.

"We're trying to get rid of the pub feel and open it up, bring in natural lighting," he says. "They had some nice woodwork and rockwork that we're keeping. What we're doing is accentuating that and getting rid of the closed, dark, eerie feeling of a pub to bring back the old Bar & Grill atmosphere."

That includes taking down a canopy over the bar and "other major things," he says. "What we had to do was close down for the past week to do some major parts of it," including "buttoning up" the electrical system.

Here's some news: Chef Richard Sipovic left in November. But Foley says he left behind a good kitchen team.

"From a food perspective, we're doing a menu with a lot of what I'll call comfort food," he says. "Not your traditional bar and grill menu, with everything from shrimp and grits to meatloaf to fried chicken. We have a great burger and a good chicken pot pie."

And lower prices.

"Obviously, being on Greenville Avenue, we're not Uptown and not trying to pretend to be Uptown," he says. "Our entrées are $10 to $15, and sandwiches and burgers are $5 to $10. You can get a really good steak for $15."

Beers are North Texas, regional and national, and cocktails are what he calls the old traditionals. "We're trying to keep things simple but good."