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Holiday burgers and Korean fried chicken top our finger-licking Dallas restaurant news

Holiday burgers and Korean fried chicken top Dallas restaurant news

Bonchon Chicken restaurant in Dallas
BonChon Chicken: a favorite among under-30 food bloggers. Photo courtesy of Bonchon Chicken
GrubBurgerBar, hamburgers, burger
Grub Burgers, lined up on their buns. GrubBurgerBar/Facebook
Crisp Salad Co
Crisp Salads, all lined up in their compostable plastic bowls. Photo Crisp Salad Co
Frito Bandito burger at Twisted Root Burger Co. in Dallas
Merry Swissmas, says Twisted Root. Twisted Root Burger Co./Facebook
Bonchon Chicken restaurant in Dallas
GrubBurgerBar, hamburgers, burger
Crisp Salad Co
Frito Bandito burger at Twisted Root Burger Co. in Dallas

Only three months ago, we forecast Greenville Avenue as "the most surprising foodie neighborhood in Dallas." Now our prediction is coming true, as a handful of places have opened in the past week. There's also new menu action in town, plus a couple of holiday specials.

BonChon Chicken opened on Greenville, in the space that used to be Another Broken Egg Cafe. This glorified wings place with beer has blogger buzz because, well, it's hard to say. Because many contemporary food bloggers are under 30 and grew up on KFC? There's no other explanation. Online reviews of the Dallas branch reference having eaten BonChon elsewhere — proof that BonChon fans are worldly and have visited other big cities.

Grub Burger Bar finally opened on Greenville. Fancy fast-food chain from two former Outback execs premiered in spring 2012 in College Station with a style clipped straight from Hopdoddy: list of burgers — beef, turkey, chicken, tuna, veggie — plus staffers who seem maniacally rushed.

Crisp Salad Company, a salad and wrap place, opened on Greenville in the former Hotel Capri club space. If you've been to the Snappy Salads, you know what this is about. Except that Snappy Salads has superior ingredients and is environmentally friendly. Crisp uses all-disposable "compostable" plastic packaging and has no program in place to deal with its waste. Thanks, Crisp!

In Nick Badovinus news, Tried and True, the restaurant that took over the Henderson Avenue branch of Neighborhood Services, closed. But Badovinus is opening a Neighborhood Services Tavern in Addison.


Pakpao debuts a new Thai-inspired Sunday brunch available at 11 am. Menu highlights include a tamarind-flavored mimosa and lychee Bellin, taro pancake, Thai omelet, shrimp rice soup, wok-fried egg salad and dragon fruit with yogurt, among other delicacies.

Meso Maya introduced new authentic Mexican items including chicharrones, flat-iron steak with tamale, chicken with white rice, short rib chile relleno and tamarind-glazed salmon with Brussels sprouts. The new items are available at both Preston and Forest and downtown Dallas locations.

Tanoshii Ramen + Bar is now serving lunch, Tuesdays through Saturdays, from 11 am-2:30 pm.

Mot Hai Ba has loosened its pho belt and is now serving the slurpy soup at dinner as well as lunch. Previously, it was lunch only, but customers kept asking for it at night.


Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steak House is hosting a limited-edition "business-inspired" holiday lunch through December 20. Diners can choose from a three-course menu for $27 that includes salad or lobster bisque; 6-oz filet or 8-oz salmon with potatoes and vegetables.

Twisted Root Burger Co. is doing a special "Merry Swissmas" burger during December, topped with Swiss cheese, mustard and bacon.

Four Seasons Markets will host a Christmas market at the Village at Fairview on December 21-22. Hours are 10 am-3 pm on Saturday and 11 am-3 pm on Sunday. Vendors will offer special deals, gift boxes and unique presents for Christmas.