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Where Dallas busy bodies go for healthy and tasty pre-made meals

My Private Chef
Pick up your meals at My Private Chef's Deep Ellum location or have them delivered to your house.  Photo courtesy of My Private Chef
Fullosophie offers "farm to fork" meals that you can purchase ready-made or have all the ingredients prepped to make the meal yourself.  Photo courtesy of Fullosophie
Turkey sliders at TruMeals
TruMeals makes fresh, calorie-portioned meals such as turkey sliders, available for pickup or delivery. Photo courtesy of TruMeals
My Fit Foods
My Fit foods follows the 40-40-20 rule for a daily average balanced meal plan.  Photo courtesy of My Fit Foods

When it comes to eating right, we need (at least) a few hours to prepare — from grocery shopping to chopping the ingredients. Regretfully, we don't have enough time to cook for ourselves every day, but we still manage to nourish our bodies — with help from these services that prepare calorie- and portion-controlled meals using fresh, delicious ingredients.

This service is a dream for the all-natural and organic foodie who desires a gourmet meal but has little time to prepare it. Fullosophie founders Jess and Tarin believe in living a healthy lifestyle without "dieting." Their goal is to bring the "farm to the fork," with meals made from local and seasonal items. You can order your meals online; select from entrees such as Greek chicken with tabbouleh and sides such as Meyer lemon green beans. There are low-carb and gluten-free items too.

If you order by 10 am, you receive the meals at your door the very next day (excluding weekends). Or, if you're in the mood to cook, select "DIY" to view the dishes you can make at home. A kit contains all of the ingredients cleaned, prepped and ready to go. All you need is your computer — to follow instructions — and standard cooking utensils. 

My Fit Foods
Founded in Houston by personal trainer Mario Mendias, My Fit Foods offers healthy meals on the run. The menu focuses on lean protein, low-glycemic carbohydrates and healthy fats and follows the 40-40-20 rule — 40 percent protein, 40 percent carbs, 20 percent fat — for a daily average meal plan.

You can do a three- or 21-day challenge, order online, or simply stop by one of the Dallas locations and pull a few meals — breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks — from the well-stocked fridge. Options include Greek goddess salad, zesty shrimp and scallops, and flat iron tacos.

My Private Chef
Chef Holly Muller takes healthy eating to a new level with My Private Chef. You can start with the basic package, in which you receive three meals — high in protein and fiber, low in sodium and sugar — per day for five days.

Meals are prepared fresh and frozen prior to delivery or pickup at Muller's Deep Ellum location. Some of her clients' favorite dishes include spinach and Asiago quiche with truffle oil, tilapia cakes with mango relish and snap peas, and Tuscan chicken with great northern beans.

Simply Fit Meals
Simply Fit Meals makes all meals in-house, with low-glycemic carbs; lean meats; and 100 percent natural, local and organic ingredients. There are no added preservatives or sweeteners, and everything is sized just right in dishes such as cinnamon French toast, sesame teriyaki salmon, and turkey mac and cheese.

Stop by the Plano location and pick up as many portions as you like; just refrigerate and reheat when you're ready to eat. Simply Fit Meals offers delivery within 10 miles of its store, and a new location on Hillcrest Road in Dallas opens in February. Sign up for a house account and build up rewards. 

There is no minimum required at Houston-based TruMeals, formerly Diet Gourmet, which has a main pickup outlet on Forest Lane in Dallas, plus satellite locations throughout the area. Simply order your appropriately sized meals and snacks — Belgian waffle with chicken apple sausage, Tex-Mex quinoa beef hash, shrimp and mango salad — online and choose pickup or delivery (for a charge).

Everything is prepared fresh in Houston and sent straight to Dallas; most meals keep several days in the refrigerator. Pickup or delivery is available twice a week, on Monday and Friday.

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