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The Meddlesome Moth earns title as World's Best Beer Place of 2012

The Meddlesome Moth in Dallas
World Atlas of Beer author Stephen Beaumont commended the Moth for having a varied and eclectic selection of craft beers. The Meddlesome Moth/Facebook
Meatloaf at Meddlesome Moth in Dallas
Beaumont also loved the food and beer pairings. For instance, this Burgundy Pasture meatloaf with bacon, mashed potatoes and sautéed spinach, paired with a Great Divide Chocolate Yeti. The Meddlesome Moth/Facebook
The Meddlesome Moth in Dallas
Meddlesome Moth tied with a bar in Rome for the honor of World's Best Beer Place of 2012. The Meddlesome Moth/Facebook
The Meddlesome Moth in Dallas
Meatloaf at Meddlesome Moth in Dallas
The Meddlesome Moth in Dallas

Little known fact, but the best bar in the world — yes, the world — is in our backyard. The Meddlesome Moth was recently named one of two Best Beer Places of 2012, tying with a bar in Rome.

At least that’s the opinion of Stephen Beaumont, co-author of The World Atlas of Beer and the website World of Beer, who logged more than 70,000 miles in the air visiting beer places around the globe. 

The other, Bir & Fud in Rome, makes this a truly international affair. Beaumont couldn’t decide which one merited the top spot, so he simply called it a tie.

Meddlesome Moth bar manager Ryan Schmidt said that the award has been vindicating.

"Obviously, we’re extremely excited," he says. "We felt rewarded for the hard work and research we put into planning which beers we have and making sure they pair well with chef David McMillan’s food."

In fact, Beaumont said that the blending of the menu and the beer listing was one of the things that led him to his decision. In comparing Moth to big brother Flying Saucer, he wrote:

The Moth is a creature of a decidedly different sort, with a more formal but still casual aesthetic, a fine list of beer offerings on tap and in the bottle, and a creative menu that veers from basic sandwiches in the afternoon to steak frites and other brasserie favourites at night, each listed with a recommended beer pairing.

Although Beaumont mentions that Dallas is "not exactly a long-standing craft beer Mecca," he commends the Moth for keeping its beer list "as carefully selected and stylistically diverse as its Texas location allows it to be."

"When customers come in, we like to give them what we call ‘the Moth experience’ where the food and beer match the customer’s palate," Schmidt says. "We want it to be a tour of craft beer and the food that goes with it."

Schmidt also says that they’re more dedicated than ever to supporting the local craft brewery scene, which despite Beaumont’s criticism, is exploding at an impressive pace.

"We’re not trying to change our recipe of how we do things," he says. "But we want to be growing with the breweries and support them with spots on the draft wall and getting them out there."

Schmidt, who will become the general manager in February, says that the Moth will partner with the new Community Beer Company to have its first releases in stock on the same day Community starts shipping out its first commercial batch. Still, he says, being named one of two best beer places in the world is a huge honor. 

"Of all the places in the world, we're here in Dallas, and we got picked."

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