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Hoax goes viral

Despite what you may have read elsewhere, Tony Romo's legs are not broken

Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys
Contrary to popular belief, Tony Romo still has two fully functioning legs.  Dallas Cowboys/Facebook
News_Adam Sandler_Meatball
Global Associated News also recently published a fake story about Adam Sandler's death in a snowboarding accident.  Courtesy of Adam
Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys
News_Adam Sandler_Meatball

The interwebs are all atwitter with "news" that Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo broke both of his legs in a car accident. This would be terrible, except for the fact that Romo's legs are working just fine.

In case you didn't already know it, Global Associated News likes to publish fake news stories. This isn't exactly a new idea, but unlike, say, The Onion, GAN masquerades as a legitimate news source. True, there is a fine print disclaimer at the bottom of the site, but the placement and text size attract little attention. 

GAN is the source of several recent celebrity hoaxes, including Adam Sandler's death in a snowboarding accident. Possibly adding to the confusion is that the site has a nifty little program that automatically changes the dateline to correspond with today's date.

This also makes it hard to determine when exactly certain hoaxes begin. Judging by the flurry of Tony talk on Twitter, we're pegging the initial Romo prank went down on sometime February 18. 


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