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Cowboys fan loses bet with her baby daddy and has to name son after Redskin RG3

Robert Griffin III
Victory is sweet for Robert Griffin III, as it is for Robert Griffin Vega, or RGV.
Miles Austin
Had Pena won the bet, her son would have been named after Miles Austin.
Robert Griffin III
Miles Austin

There are bets, and then there are bets. It doesn't get much bigger than wagering the name of your first-born child. But Emmanuel Vega and Marissa Pena decided to tempt fate over a football game.

Vega, a life-long Washington Redskins fan, and Pena, who ardently supports the Dallas Cowboys, made a wager about the outcome of the Redskins-Cowboys game on Thanksgiving Day. As we are all-too-painfully aware, Dallas lost that contest.

 Had the Cowboys pulled out a win on Thanksgiving Day, the child would have been named after Miles Austin. 

As the Washington Post first reported, the final score means that Pena and Vega's child will bear the name Robert Griffin Vega, or RGV. Had the Boys pulled out a win, the child would have been named after Miles Austin. 

The game was agonizing for Vega.

"I was second-guessing the whole time, like, what am I thinking?" Vega told The Post. "If she’s gonna name him after a Cowboys player, there’s no doubt he would be a Cowboys fan. My son, as a Cowboys fan? I might have to disown him."

The Redskins quarterback capitalized on a Heisman-winning season at Baylor University to become one of the most popular players in the NFL, even winning the coveted Rookie of the Year award.

But it's unlikely he has a bigger fan than Vega, who will literally remember Griffin every day of his life. 

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