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Craig James' discrimination case against Fox Sports Southwest gets boost

Craig James' discrimination case against Fox Sports SW gets boost

The Texas Workforce Commission is moving forward with an investigation into possible religious discrimination of Craig James by Fox Sports Southwest. As you may recall, James spent just one day in his role as an on-air college football analyst for the network.

He was terminated on September 2, 2013, allegedly for comments on his U.S. Senate campaign trail that homosexuals would "have to answer to the lord for their actions." In addition to losing his job at Fox Sports, James also lost his political race.

Citing the Texas Labor Code and the Civil Rights Act, the official discrimination charge dated March 5 alleges retaliation for James' religious views. Hiram Sasser of the Plano-based Liberty Institute is representing James in the case.

"The Texas Workforce Commission issuing a charge of discrimination against Fox Sports Southwest and conducting an investigation is a serious step toward holding Fox Sports accountable for violating the law and the religious liberty of Craig James," Sasser said in a statement.

James, a former pro football player, worked as a commentator for ESPN before switching to Fox and summarily getting axed. But perhaps he's best known as the victim of a wildly successful Google Bomb "Craig James killed five hookers at SMU."

Craig James
Craig James was fired after one day at Fox Sports Southwest. Courtesy photo