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Was Johnny Manziel's anti-College Station tweet inspired by a parking ticket?

Was Johnny Manziel's anti-College Station tweet inspired by a ticket?

Poor Johnny Manziel. The 20-year-old football phenom can't even get a parking ticket without the whole world finding out. Of course, he's not exactly a silent victim in the media frenzy. Manziel provides a near-constant stream of story fodder with his real and virtual antics. 

The Texas A&M sophomore quarterback (and reigning Heisman Trophy winner) drew the ire of Aggieland with a 10:38 pm Tweet on June 15 when he wrote "Bullshit like tonight is a reason why I can't wait to leave college station . . . whenever it may be." 

Manziel quickly deleted the disparaging comment and replaced it with a gushing one. "Don't ever forget that I love A&M with all of my heart, but please please walk a day in my shoes," Manziel tweeted at 12:53 am June 16. 

Now there's talk that Manziel's angry words were about a parking ticket. The Houston Chronicle says Manziel was fishing with friends in Port Aransas when he got a call from a police officer, "who wrote him a ticket for being parked the wrong way in front of his house and for his windows being tinted too dark."

One wonders how the police officer had Manziel's cellphone and why law enforcement activity would sour Johnny Football on the town that worships him. But then again, it's not Manziel's first brush with the College Station boys in blue. 

As the Dallas Morning News first reported, Manziel had all but packed his bags to leave Aggieland after an arrest in June 2012 that left him suspended from the football team. Manziel, then 19, was accused of possessing two fake IDs and fighting in College Station's Northgate bar district.

He decided to stay at A&M when his suspension was overturned by the dean of student life. The rest, as they say, is history.

Johnny Manziel
Johnny Manziel keeps making offseason headlines.
Johnny Manziel
Johnny Manziel was arrested last summer for disorderly conduct.