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Penguins Can't Pitch

Dallas Zoo teams up with Texas Rangers for a wild day at the ballpark

Texas Ranges mascot and penguins at the ballpark
Two penguins were on the mound for the first pitch on Wildlife Education Day.

The Texas Rangers brought out the whole zoo for Thursday afternoon’s series finale against the division rival Oakland Athletics — and we're not talking about Lance Berkman walking around shirtless. Penguins ran amok on the infield as players and fans checked out all types of critters, including a possum, because even they need love.

It was all part of Wildlife Education Day at the ballpark, with Dallas Zoo handlers showing off alligators, beavers, snakes and more. In what has to be a first, two penguins were on the mound for the first pitch.

Of course, they were just spectators, because they are flightless birds that lack the opposable thumbs required to grip a baseball and the mental fortitude possessed by major league pitchers in order to paint the outside corner in pressure situations. Penguins are really terrible ball players all around.

Rangers Captain, the anthropomorphic mascot and inspiration for what can only be described as a lot of furry fan fiction, got to play with the penguins, while A’s pitcher Jerry Blevins horsed around with an owl and a porcupine. But not at the same time. That would be silly.

The animals served as good luck to help the Rangers get out of a slump that’s seen them go 6-12 in the month of June.

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