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Dallas Cowboy Josh Brent released from jail under new bond conditions

Dallas Cowboy Josh Brent freed from jail with strict new rules

Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Josh Brent was released from jail July 7. Brent, who is accused of intoxication manslaughter, was jailed June 27 after he failed two drug tests.

Brent was expected to remain behind bars until a July 19 hearing. Instead, he was detained for less than two weeks. The court order freeing Brent reinstated his $100,000 bond with new, more stringent conditions. 

Judge Robert Burns ordered Brent to wear a drug detection patch at all times and stated that he cannot drive under any circumstances. All previous conditions from Brent's December bond remain in place.

Brent is under strict supervision due to a deadly crash in 2012. On the night of December 8, Brent wrecked his Mercedes in Irving and killed his friend and teammate Jerry Brown. Brent's recorded blood-alcohol content was nearly twice the legal limit. His trial is slated to begin September 23. 

Another recent development in the case is a July 3 motion to prevent District Attorney Craig Watkins from making statements about Brent's charges.

On June 28, Watkins opined on Brent's case as a guest on 105.3 "The Fan" sports radio. In the motion, Brent's attorney George Milner called Watkins' statements "highly prejudicial" and speculated that they could impact his client's ability to get a fair trial. 

Milner took particular offense to Watkins' suggestion that Brent has consumed alcohol since posting bond. He has twice tested positive for marijuana use, though results for alcohol use have been ruled inconclusive. 

"There is no evidence that Mr. Brent has consumed one drop of alcohol while on bond," Milner's July 3 motion reads. 

Milner alleges that Watkins has violated the rules of professional conduct for trial publicity. A hearing on Milner's motion to silence the District Attorney has not been set. 

Dallas Cowboys player Josh Brent
Josh Brent is still a member of the Dallas Cowboys.
Dallas District Attorney Craig Watkins
Dallas District Attorney Craig Watkins has made public statements about Josh Brent.  Photo by Claire St. Amant