Dez Self-Destructs

Dez Bryant's epic meltdown adds insult to injury in Cowboys loss

Dez Bryant's epic meltdown adds insult to injury in Cowboys loss

Dez Bryant sideline meltdown
Dez Bryant gets attention from injured DeMarcus Ware after a confrontation with Jason Witten. Photo courtesy of NFL on Fox

It wasn't enough for the Dallas Cowboys to blow a 10-point lead and lose to the Detroit Lions in the final minute of Sunday's game. They had to make the .GIF hall of shame as well. Wide receiver Dez Bryant had an epic meltdown on the sidelines that started with the coaching staff and ended with the wagging finger of Jason Witten.

It wasn't entirely clear what first set Bryant off during the third quarter. The Cowboys were up 13-10. Perhaps Bryant wasn't satisfied with his stat line of two catches for 22 yards, including a touchdown that had the NFL's official Twitter account gushing

He stormed over to Tony Romo, and head coach Jason Garrett dismissively ushered Bryant aside. But hot-headed Bryant was just getting started. 

After a fourth-quarter three-and-out, Bryant tore into Jason Witten with 12 seconds left on the clock. There's no real reason why Witten was the target of Bryant's anger, which appeared to land on whomever was standing near him on the sidelines. Injured DeMarcus Ware talked Bryant down, but the damage was done. 

The Lions would go on to rally and defeat the Cowboys 31-30, making Bryant's behavior akin to salt in an open wound.

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