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Spend a night with Andrea Bocelli at the Ritz-Carlton, Dallas

Suite at Ritz-Carlton, Dallas
Mom will have to settle for staying in the Ritz suite with her husband. Bocelli isn't part of the deal. Photo courtesy of Ritz-Carlton, Dallas
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Suite at Ritz-Carlton, Dallas

It’s possible that the Ritz-Carlton, Dallas, has solved a recurring problem for me: What do I buy my mother for Christmas?

You see, Mom is an Andrea Bocelli fan. Her dream is to see the celebrated Italian tenor perform at the Palazzo Pitti in Florence. That said, I don’t think I will be sending her to Italy anytime soon.

 An evening with her Italian tenor, followed by a posh night away from the old homestead, is sure to score me some points with Mom come Christmastime.

However, I could book a Suite Sounding Stay package at the Ritz for the one-night-only performance of Andrea Bocelli, who is coming to the American Airlines Center November 30.

The Ritz has built an “experience” around Bocelli’s performance. It includes overnight accommodations in a deluxe suite, valet parking at the hotel, two in-suite tickets to the Bocelli performance (read: access to AAC Platinum Level lounges, bars and restaurants) and a complimentary parking pass.

It may not be an Italian getaway, but an evening with her Italian tenor, followed by a posh night away from the old homestead, is sure to score me some points come Christmastime. 

As for dinner at Fearing’s, I guess Mom and the hubs are on their own.


A Suite Sounding Stay is priced at $699 for November 30 only. Reservations can be made online or by calling 800-960–7082.

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