Pick the Winner of Our "Show Us Your Stache" Contest

The mustache is a difficult facial accessory. Not everyone can pull it off like Tom Selleck or Nick Offerman, but when it comes to Movember, there's no such thing as a bad flavor saver. We put out the word for our readers to send in their philanthropic 'staches and y'all responded in tremendous fashion.

It was difficult paring down the finalists, but it'll be even more difficult for you, the reader, to decide which one of these fine lip rugs is worthy of dinner for two and a night's stay at Hotel ZaZa. Be prudent in your decision making, but know that all of these contenders deserve recognition for braving an entire month of awkward questions and bristly kisses. 

The votes are in. See who won!
Bill Holston

Reasons for participating in Movember: "Matt Tobin from Goodfriend asked me to. That’s reason enough. Also, a very good friend had prostate cancer this year. I’d love to treat my public school teacher wife to an evening at ZaZa. That would be a treat."

Bill's MoSpace page: here

Brad Yates

Reasons for participating in Movember: "This is my fourth year doing Movember. I’ve always found it to be a fun and worthwhile cause, and then things escalated last year when my stepfather had to undergo a prostatectomy. (He’s fine now.) Last year I was even on the local morning news show for a wager around the end of Movember. If I raised $20,000, I would get my mustache waxed off on live television. We were ultimately unsuccessful on the goal but did raise a good extra chunk of cash."

Brad's MoSpace page: here

Greg Miller

Reasons for participating in Movember: "Movember is a great opportunity to bring some necessary fun to the office each November. The art of the mustache needs to be appreciated as it was decades ago. Each year I participate in Movember to raise awareness for men's health issues, and the awesomeness of the mustaches among my younger colleagues. It's also a great negotiating tool for the board room."

Greg's MoSpace page: here

Alex Young

Reasons for participating in Movember: "I've had several family members pass away from cancer, and Movember is my way of reminding myself and others of the importance of getting checked and remembering those who have passed. Sure, the 'stache may seem creepy, but nothing is scarier than not knowing the facts about testicular cancer."

Alex's MoSpace page: here

Clay Wheeler

Reasons for participating in Movember: "I'm a local actor and educator with a family history of cancer. I'm armed with no shame and a burning desire to help others."

Clay's MoSpace page: here