Who will become the next CultureMap Stylemaker? Vote now.

This fall, CultureMap and the Plaza at Preston Center celebrate Dallas’ most fashionable in our third annual Stylemaker Awards. We solicited nominations from our readers, and then a panel of judges — including 2015 readers’ choice winner Javier Burkle, 2015 editors’ choice winner Nancy Koen, and 2015 finalist Julian Leaver — selected these semifinalists to move into the voting round.

We need your help to determine our readers’ choice winner. Vote for your favorite once a day, every day, until September 23, 11:59 pm. The top six contenders will then move on to the finals for another vote that begins October 4.

Then join us on October 20 for the Stylemaker Awards announcement party at Tootsies in the Plaza at Preston Center. For a preview, watch the video from last year’s party.

The votes are in. See who won!
Jerrod Ballard

Occupation: Group/rooms coordinator, Westin Dallas Downtown

Instagram: @jsquaredstyle

Why Jerrod deserves to be a Stylemaker: Jerrod isn’t afraid to take risks not commonly taken by your average man’s man. He became infatuated with fashion during his college years and eventually started playing around with patterns, prints, and textures, and his signature style was born.

Mark Deuber

Occupation: Plastic surgeon

Instagram: @drmarkdeuber

Why Mark deserves to be a Stylemaker: Mark’s style embodies a casual elegance. He’s married to Cary Deuber of the Real Housewives of Dallas — for whom he shops — and he loves beautiful things, including fine clothes, Italian wools, suede shoes, and all things Brunello Cucinelli.

Ellen Flowers

Occupation: Blogger, The Perennial Style

Instagram: @theperennialstyle

Why Ellen deserves to be a Stylemaker: In addition to traveling around the world photographing amazing pieces in unique settings, Ellen is recognized in the Dallas fashion scene. For her trendy, feminine style, she mixes luxury items with accessible pieces, making her looks relatable for any budget.

Angelee Fortuna

Occupation:  Senior account consultant, RewardStyle; co-founder, His+Her

Instagram: @angelee

Why Angelee deserves to be a Stylemaker: In a sea of fashionable Dallas women, Angelee stands out. Says her nominator, “the clothes don’t make the (wo)man, the (wo)man makes the clothes.” She co-runs His+Her with husband Eddie Fortuna, himself a Stylemaker semifinalist from 2014. Together, they share views on fashion trends and their Dallas lifestyle. 

Shay Geyer

Occupation: Owner and designer, IBB Design Fine Furnishings

Instagram: @designershay

Why Shay deserves to be a Stylemaker: One of Dallas’ top interior designers, Shay believes that the right accessories can take an ensemble to a whole new level. The design expert for Good Morning Texas and social butterfly loves color and a classic aesthetic, and carefully edits accessories for her wardrobe. 

Chris Hite

Occupation: Stylist and senior managing partner, J. Hilburn

Website: chrishite.jhilburn.com

Why Chris deserves to be a Stylemaker: Whether it’s interiors, fashion, or entertaining, Chris always has a different take on traditional elements. His style is classic with an eclectic bent. He dresses sharp, but never in a stuffy or too buttoned-up way. After more than a decade at Neiman Marcus, he is now one of J. Hilburn’s leading personal stylists.  

Misty Burns Incontrera

Occupation: Jewlery designer and co-founder, B. Stellar

Website: B. Stellar

Why Misty deserves to be a Stylemaker: Throughout her career in retail business development and marketing, Misty pursued jewelry design and painting. In 2013, she launched the B. Stellar jewelry line with 2015 Stylemaker Nancy Koen. Misty can predict trends before they happen, and she chooses outfits based on mood, although there is always an element of art or muse inspiration.

Ekaterina Kouznetsova

Occupation: Entrepreneur; founder, Our New Monarch

Instagram: @czarina_ekaterina

Why Ekaterina deserves to be a Stylemaker: This Moscow-born Dallasite is a modern-day Audrey Hepburn. She has an amazing eye for mixing vintage with modern pieces, which makes her style quirky, fun, and whimsical, setting her apart from others in her industry.  

Brittanie Buchanan Oleniczak

Occupation: Media sales director, Southwest Carol Orr & Co.

Instagram: @brittanieoleniczak

Why Brittanie deserves to be a Stylemaker: Brittanie loves fashion as much as she loves a good cocktail (which is a lot), and her marketing and advertising career began in fashion, at one of the largest modeling agencies in the world. In addition to her day job, she has served on the DIFFA/Dallas board of trustees for five years as the creative and marketing director, developing and launching the fabulous House of DIFFA brand and creative campaigns.  

Quinn Risdall

Occupation: Senior art director, Mary Kay

Instagram: @quinnrisdall

Why Quinn deserves to be a Stylemaker: Quinn’s style can only be described as “girly prep on acid,” with an emphasis on the color pink. She’s always been interested in fashion but truly got into it when she started working and traveling more regularly, meeting with photographers and stylists who inspire her and help her understand what style truly is.

Al Tidwell

Occupation: Makeup artist and model

Website: Kim Dawson Agency 

Why Al deserves to be a Stylemaker: Al has parlayed a 25-year career as a makeup artist into being a model himself. Recently featured as Captain Ahab in the Dallas Opera’s ad campaign, his amazing “mature hippie” vibe and long gray hair makes him striking even if he’s wearing flip-flops and love beads. He inspired a hashtag #altidwellsightings years before he succumbed to social media.

Guillermo Tragant

Occupation: Creative director/principal, Richards Lerma

Instagram: @guilletragant

Why Guillermo deserves to be a Stylemaker: Guillermo is a renaissance man — designer, artist, entrepreneur — born in Argentina to an Italian family. As a designer, he has collaborated with brands such as Levis, Nike, and Benetton, as well as artists like Shakira. His bold, elegant style is representative of today’s contemporary global man.