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Salad Shout-out

Crisp Salad Company wants Greenville Avenue to eat its vegetables

By Teresa Gubbins

A salad and wrap concept called Crisp Salad Company will open this fall in Dallas' most surprising foodie neighborhood: Lower Greenville. Crisp Salad Company – can we call it Crisp? or, a ...


Naina owner opens quirky diner at Jack's Southern Comfort Food

By Teresa Gubbins

Barely a week after Jack's Southern Comfort Food had vacated the premises, a new restaurant called Jo 24 has popped up in the very same location at 1905 Greenville Avenue, where it is serving a ...

Drinking Diaries

Dallas Beer Kitchen brings the beer and, unfortunately, the noise

By Jonathan Rienstra

There’s an old joke that first arrived on the scene around the time of the Big Bang, where two people are in a crowded place trying to have a conversation. "It's really loud in h ...

Drinking Diaries

How Dallas drinkers get craft beer beyond the bar

By Jonathan Rienstra

I am afraid that I’m being spoiled as a beer drinker in Dallas. My move back to Dallas last year from Austin was right in step with the local craft explosion, and it’s been a bit of a w ...

Patio time

Best Damn Things bloggers dish about Dallas Beer Kitchen, their dive into the brewpub biz

By Jonathan Rienstra

Inspired by bars such as Strangeways and Goodfriend, two food bloggers and their wives are getting into the bar business. Bryan Kaeser and Joe Scribner, who run a blog called Best Damn Things, have ...

From blog to beer

Best Damn Things bloggers plan to open craft beer pub on Lower Greenville

By Jonathan Rienstra

A Dallas blog called Best Damn Things is going from critiquing others to doing it themselves with a plan to open a craft beer pub on Lower Greenville called Dallas Beer Kitchen. DBK (initializi ...

Read all about it

Restaurant buzz, escaped convicts and mysterious Mike Tyson: The 5 most popular stories this week

By Claire St. Amant

Editor's note: Another week has come and gone, and there's a lot we all probably missed. But we're looking out for you, kid. Here are the most popular stories from this past week: 1 ...

Sausage fest

Goodfriend owners plan to open meaty sibling on Lower Greenville called Blind Butcher

By Teresa Gubbins

Matt Tobin and Josh Yingling, owners of Goodfriend Beer Garden & Burger House, will open a meat-centric restaurant on Lower Greenville called the Blind Butcher. It will go into the old Service ...

Green Grocer

Local small-is-big market

3614 Greenville Ave.
Dallas, TX 75204

From Brooke of Barcadia

Barcadia owner set to open Mudsmith, a cosmopolitan coffee shop on Lower Greenville

By Teresa Gubbins

More Dallas coffee talk: Mudsmith, the Lower Greenville coffeehouse concept from Brooke Humphries, owner of Barcadia and Acme F&B, has an opening date: Monday, January 28. In a release, Hum ...

27 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 3
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (11)   Places (16)
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