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Final Four Truths

Most arrogant champs ever: UConn mocks Kentucky's toughness, claims revenge on NCAA in wild Final Four

By Chris Baldwin

It ends with the two best guards on the floor — the two guards who barked at themselves even more than they barked at Kentucky in the national championship game — burying each other in ...

Manziel's Final Four Blunder

Johnny Manziel blows his vow to be low key at Final Four: Another ridiculous NFL red flag?

By Chris Baldwin

Johnny Manziel wears a baseball cap pulled low. Maybe he thinks that will be enough to help him stay incognito. Okay, Manziel knows better. Johnny Football can't hide. Not in plain sig ...

Money Talks

Why Mark Cuban is wrong and Jerry Jones is right about NFL's future

By Matthew Postins

Mark Cuban isn't putting much stock in the future of the NFL. In fact, he's predicted the league's implosion in just 10 years. In his rant against the direction of the NFL ...

Cowboys Cut Their Losses

Jerry Jones has to stop writing contracts like Miles Austin's

By Matthew Postins

Miles Austin’s contract is another recent example of the kind that Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones needs to stop writing. The Cowboys cut the wide receiver on March 1 ...

Tough Call for the Cowboys

Decision to cut DeMarcus Ware shows Jerry Jones is changing his ways

By Matthew Postins

By cutting DeMarcus Ware, the Dallas Cowboys may have shifted the paradigm of how they look at aging players. Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones could be accused of holding onto veteran ...

Manziel's Combine Blunder

Manziel full of himself at NFL Combine: He's no Johnny Modesty or Jadeveon Clowney

By Chris Baldwin

In the end, the painstakingly planned publicity push orchestrated by the best PR team money can buy — the multipart series with a friendly writer, the non-clubbing photo ops, the Twitter ...

Somber Sports Anniversary

After 25 years with Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones' glory days are all behind him

By Brad Seal

The number 25 is a significant one this month for Dallas Cowboys fans. February 25 marks the 25th anniversary of when an Arkansas oilman purchased the most popular and successful professi ...

A Stand-Up Guy

Dale Hansen shocks nation by not being stereotypical Texan

By Alex Bentley

If you've been on Facebook since Tuesday morning, you've likely seen the video of WFAA sports anchor Dale Hansen taking to task those who would oppose gay football player Michael ...

Peyton Manning's Super Choke

Peyton Manning chokes: Tim Tebow outperforms incredible shrinking star in Super Bowl dud

By Chris Baldwin

With six minutes left in his Super Bowl nightmare, Peyton Manning sat meekly on the Denver bench, quietly watching his time tick away. Peyton's helmet was still on, but all his fight was long g ...

NFL Is All About the Rings

Peyton Manning Super Bowl chatter shows Tony Romo isn't only QB under immense scrutiny

By Brad Seal

Anyone familiar with the game of football knows that it's the ultimate team sport in America. If one player doesn't do his job sufficiently, it can ruin an entire play. Yet fans still h ...

101 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 11
Refine By:   Events (2)   Lists (0)   News (99)   Places (0)

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