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The Draft Plan

Signs point to Dallas Cowboys' drafting a running back for their committee

By Matthew Postins

Draft day in the NFL is difficult to predict. But I can say with relative certainty that the Dallas Cowboys will come away with at least one running back by the time the 2015 NFL draft is complete. ...

Cowboys Defensive State

Jerry Jones loves a good reclamation project and now he has two

By Matthew Postins

No reward comes without a little risk. The improvement of the Dallas Cowboys’ defense in 2015 will rely on the reward they reap from signing Rolando McClain and Greg Hardy. Hardy, of cour ...

Cowboys Move On

Letting Murray take big money in Philly is right — if painful — call for Cowboys

By Matthew Postins

Okay, so if we’re done burning DeMarco Murray jerseys in effigy, can we discuss this whole contract thing rationally? No? Well, I tried. Murray is a Philadelphia Eagle now, the result of ...

Keeping Dez in Dallas

Dallas Cowboys get what they want in applying franchise tag to Dez Bryant

By Matthew Postins

The Dallas Cowboys applied the franchise tag to wide receiver Dez Bryant Monday afternoon, as expected. What wasn’t expected was Bryant’s reaction. Or, more to the point, lack of reacti ...

Tough Call for Cowboys

Bryant or Murray? That answer will define Dallas Cowboys' success for years

By Matthew Postins

Do you have $20 million to $25 million or so lying around the house? Because that’s what it will probably take for the Dallas Cowboys to re-sign both wide receiver Dez Bryant and running back ...

The Classless Bowl

Cheat master Tom Brady uses Katy Perry dumb luck to steal Super Bowl

By Chris Baldwin

It looks like another giant meteor of karmic justice is crashing down on Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Seahawks wideout Jermaine Kearse makes a juggling catch on his back, and t ...

J.J. Watt Charms Katy Perry

Katy Perry completely charmed by humble Houston Texans star J.J. Watt

By Chris Baldwin

Katy Perry admits she needed to Google J.J. Watt to find out who the best defensive player in the NFL was. Just because you're playing the Super Bowl doesn't mean you know anything about th ...

No Disrespect to Garrett

No one is more vital to Dallas Cowboys' future than Rod Marinelli

By Matthew Postins

Owner and general manager Jerry Jones had a productive first week of the offseason as the Dallas Cowboys agreed to terms with its three highest-ranking coaches — head coach Jason Garrett, off ...

Cowboys Incompletion

Officials didn't rob Dez Bryant of near game-winning catch. The NFL rulebook did.

By Matthew Postins

The ground cannot cause a fumble. But it can cause an incompletion. If you needed a reminder, the NFL provided you one late in the playoff game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Green Bay Packers. ...

Winning at Lambeau

If Cowboys do what they do best then cold won't matter in Green Bay

By Matthew Postins

So you may have heard it’s going to be cold in Green Bay this Sunday for the Packers-Cowboys game. In fact, we received a taste of that cold in Dallas on Thursday: The temperature was in the ...

147 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 15
Refine By:   Events (3)   Lists (0)   News (144)   Places (0)
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