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BBQ Showdown

Amateur pitmasters compete for best BBQ bragging rights at popular Labor Day fest

By Jennifer Chininis

If you’ve always claimed to make barbecue as good as any top Texas pitmaster, now’s your chance to prove it. The Bedford Blues & BBQ Festival is soliciting entries for its first-eve ...

Don't Mess with Mueller

Infamous Texas BBQ pitmaster proves to be helluva thief catcher

By Katie Friel

Why hasn't anyone given John Mueller his own reality TV show yet? The Austin pitmaster, arguably as famous for feuding with his family as he is for barbecue, can now add "crime solver" ...

Barbecue News

TMBBQ Fest 2014's meaty lineup includes best barbecue joints in Texas

By Katie Friel

If your idea of the perfect day includes eating as much barbecue as you can from the best joints in the world, then Texas Monthly has the festival for you. On July 29 at 10 am, tickets for the fift ...

Obama's Dallas Escapades

President Obama doesn't let pouty Gov. Rick Perry ruin his Dallas fun

By Teresa Gubbins

President Barack Obama's visit to Dallas on July 8, part of a three-city fundraiser tour, included parties, meetings with local politicians and a speech about the economy. But the lingerin ...

Dallas Gets Smoked

Barbecue is on the bill for new downtown Dallas food and music festival

By Jennifer Chininis

Barbecue will be the centerpiece of a new local food festival, this one dubbed Smoked Dallas, slated for October 4 in Main Street Garden downtown. In addition to barbecue in all its meaty glory, fe ...

This Week in Gluttony

Farm-to-table dinner at Dallas Farmers Market tops best food and drink events

By Diana Oates

UPDATE: The Matthew Jennings dinner at FT33 has been canceled. --- Brace yourself for another packed week of Dallas food events, ranging from a farm-fresh dinner to a brisket-and-Bordeaux t ...

Barbecue Coup

The best barbecue in the country is in Texas, of course

By Jennifer Chininis

There have been many great debates about the best barbecue joints in the country. And, if you believe Texas Monthly, they are all in Texas. Travel + Leisure readers tend to agree that the major ...

News You Can Eat

Buzzy BBQ and vintage steak put some meat on this slice of Dallas restaurant news

By Teresa Gubbins

Mid-May is turning out to be prime time for restaurant news. This month, diners in Dallas-Fort Worth are seeing some of the biggest openings of the year — if you like steak and barbecue, ...

Pecan Lodge Farewell

Pecan Lodge serves its last Hot Mess at Dallas Farmers Market on Sunday

By Teresa Gubbins

UPDATE: Pecan Lodge already served its last Hot Mess. The oven required to bake the oversized sweet potato is already moved. But you can still get smoked meats. --- Barbecue fans prone to n ...

Barbecue Coup

Carry The Load gets top fundraisers early admission to new Pecan Lodge

By Jennifer Chininis

If you want to be the first to step foot in the new Pecan Lodge opening in Deep Ellum this month, Carry The Load has a way: The nonprofit is gifting its top fundraisers with a private dinner ahead ...

57 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 6
Refine By:   Events (4)   Lists (0)   News (44)   Places (9)

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