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Reimagined Family Fun

Pinstack wins over all ages with so much awesome under one roof

By Promoted Series Correspondent

It’s a tall order, finding an entertainment destination where kids and adults can be equally thrilled (and keep cool!) in one place. But Pinstack manages to fulfill that goal, with 52,000 squ ...

Concert News

Dallas will get nasty next year when Janet Jackson comes to town

By Elizabeth Rhodes

Janet Jackson has added Texas to her upcoming "Unbreakable" world tour. The pop superstar will visit American Airlines Center in Dallas on January 24, 2016, following stops in S ...

It's a Jungle Out There

Savvy Survivor star secures reality TV pals for new Dallas fundraiser

By Jennifer Chininis

A Dallas reality TV star has enlisted her Survivor pals to help with a new fundraiser. Missy Payne, star of Survivor San Juan del Sur (season 29), will host the inaugural “It’s a Jungle ...

The Terminator is Back

Terminator Genisys restores good name of Schwarzenegger and franchise

By Alex Bentley

The Terminator series makes no real sense, plotwise. The entire thing is built on the idea of John Connor, a military leader in the future, sending a soldier, Kyle Reese, back in time to protect hi ...

This Week's Hot Headlines

Design District hotel and new Uptown brunch spot top 5 most popular stories

By Jennifer Chininis

Editor’s note: Another week has come and gone, and there’s a lot we all probably missed. But we’re looking out for you, kid. Here are the most popular stories from this past week: ...

Filmmaker Q&A

How Inside Out team played with emotions to produce one of Pixar's best

By Alex Bentley

For its latest animated film, Pixar has gone to a place almost nobody but it would think to go: inside the mind of an 11-year-old girl named Riley, to look at her five main emotions: Joy, Sadness, ...

Shoot For the Stars

Out-of-this-world film competition lands this Texas celebrity as judge

By Elizabeth Rhodes

Aspiring and established filmmakers take note: NASA and the Houston Cinema Arts Society (HCAS) have teamed up to launch the inaugural CineSpace short film competition, which Texas native and A ...

The Bachelorette in Texas

The Bachelorette two-steps through Central Texas hot spots on next episode

By Nicole Raney

One of Texas' most beloved dance halls plays host to The Bachelorette next week. Gruene Hall will be featured on the June 15 episode of the popular ABC series, as revealed in a Facebo ...

Living the Really Good Life

Entourage movie plays out HBO series absurdity at feature length

By Alex Bentley

The main goal of Entourage, which aired on HBO from 2004-2011 and has now been made into a film, is wish-fulfillment fantasy. The exploits of Vince (Adrian Grenier), E (Kevin Connolly), Turtle (Jer ...

Concert News

Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell puts Dallas on newly announced solo tour

By Teresa Gubbins

Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell is launching a fall 2015 acoustic tour that includes two stops in Texas — one in Dallas and one in Austin, for an appearance on Austin City Limits ...

538 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 54
Refine By:   Events (5)   Lists (0)   News (527)   Places (6)