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Legal Drama

Family speaks out about suing Birchman Baptist Church over father's $100,000 estate

By Claire St. Amant

Those who knew Sean Rafferty are speaking out against what they call a Fort Worth church’s attempt to profit from his death. Rafferty died from an apparent suicide on June 25, 2013. Just 24 h ...

Trademark Battle With Teeth

Battle of the beavers: Buc-ee's sinks teeth into lawsuit over 'copycat' logo

By Elizabeth Rhodes

Any Texan who's ever taken a cross-state road trip can probably identify the smiling buck-toothed beaver in the red baseball cap as the trademark for Buc-ee's, the omnipresent gas station a ...

Unusual Lawsuits

Fort Worth's Birchman Baptist sued after father commits suicide and leaves church $100,000

By Claire St. Amant

A Fort Worth mega church is at the center of a contentious lawsuit involving a man who committed suicide, his two adult children and a $100,000 life insurance policy. Scarlette Rafferty Elliot and ...

Outrageous Accusations

Dallas judge Carlos Cortez allegedly hired hookers, snorted cocaine and raped a child

By Claire St. Amant

Sworn testimony in Carlos Cortez's defamation case contains a litany of shocking criminal accusations against the sitting Dallas county judge. The Texas Court of Appeals ordered the court docum ...

Religious Controversy

North Texas homeowners association loses battle to shut down Orthodox Jewish services

By Claire St. Amant

A Collin County judge has ruled against a North Texas homeowners association that was trying to prevent an Orthodox Jewish congregation from using the residential area as a place of worship. Judge ...

Affluenza in the News

Young victim in Ethan Couch 'affluenza' drunk driving crash pursues jury trial

By Claire St. Amant

Lucas McConnell was 12 years old when a drunk driving accident killed his godfather and youth pastor Brian Jennings. The driver at fault, Ethan Couch, faced up to 20 years for his role in the crash ...

Legal Drama

Craig James' discrimination case against Fox Sports Southwest gets boost

By Claire St. Amant

The Texas Workforce Commission is moving forward with an investigation into possible religious discrimination of Craig James by Fox Sports Southwest. As you may recall, James spent just one day in ...

Texas Schools Behaving Badly

East Texas school district finally pays up for bullying lesbian student athlete

By Claire St. Amant

An East Texas school district has finally settled a lawsuit filed by a former student who was forced to reveal her sexual identity in 2009. Skye Wyatt was a 16-year-old sophomore at Kilgore Hig ...

Trinity East Fights City Hall

Oil and gas company slaps City of Dallas with $30 million lawsuit

By Claire St. Amant

Fort Worth-based Trinity East Energy is suing the City of Dallas for breach of contract and fraud related to the City Council's denial of natural gas drilling permits. In 2008, Trinity East ...

Don't Put a Ring on It

Former Texans star and ex-fiancée settle nasty lawsuit over $785,000 engagement ring

By Elizabeth Rhodes

Buffalo Bills defensive end Mario Williams has settled a lawsuit he filed against his former fiancée in an attempt to retrieve a $785,000 engagement ring, according to a statement released J ...

41 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 5
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (41)   Places (0)

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