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When an establishment with "therapist" in its name equates drinking wine to healthy living, you don't ask questions. You agree and get to living healthy as soon as possible. The Wine Therapist was founded by Phillip Nikpour, who holds a master's degree in health education and believes it is imperative to find a work/life balance and your own version of the good life. You can start your "health" kick by packing a picnic (or order delivery from nearby restaurants), selecting a bottle from the many boutique labels stocked by Nikpour, and bringing some friends to this Lakewood wine bar. There are plenty of chairs and over-stuffed couches for lingering.


Wine Therapist
1909 Skillman St.
Dallas, TX 75206


Sun: 3 pm-8 pm
Mon: 3 pm-11 pm
Tue: 3 pm-11 pm
Wed: 3 pm-11 pm
Thu: 3 pm-midnight
Fri: 3 pm-midnight
Sat: noon-1 am

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