Joel Cooner Gallery

Buddha at Joel Cooner Gallery in Dallas
Ayutthaya buddha. Courtesy of Joel Cooner Gallery
Ancient jewelry at Joel Cooner Gallery in Dallas
Sculptural jewelry. Courtesy of Joel Cooner Gallery

In a line of contemporary American art galleries on Dragon Street, Joel Cooner Gallery is a bit of an anomaly. The collection represents ancient cultures of Asia, Oceania and Pre-Columbian Americas, from African weapons to sculptural jewelry from Central Asia. If you’re a collector of ancient art and artifacts, Joel Cooner Gallery can keep your collection interesting. Even if you’re not, perhaps you’d like to take home just one conversation piece.

The gallery guarantees the authenticity of all its ancient works, and Cooner shares interesting history lessons about the creation and use of any piece.


Joel Cooner Gallery
1601 Dragon St.
Dallas, TX 75207


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Mon: 10 am-5 pm
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