Adrift Float Spa

Adrift Float Spa in Dallas
Photo by Stephen Dux

Ever dreamt of floating weightlessly on a cloud, far away from all your problems? Okay. So a cloud is a bit unrealistic. But Adrift Float Spa offers the next best thing, and it's not available anywhere else in Dallas. Start your weightless experience with 15 minutes in a zero-gravity massage chair before heading into your private flotation cabin. Each cabin is filled with 10 inches of water and 1,200 pounds of Epsom salt, causing your body to float effortlessly, similar to a visit to the Dead Sea. Adrift keeps the water temperature at a constant 93.5 degrees — your skin’s normal temperature — and you can float in total darkness and silence or opt for a little light and soft music.


Adrift Float Spa
8315 Preston Rd.
Dallas, TX 75225


Open Now
Sun: 9 am-7:30 pm
Mon: 9 am-7:30 pm
Tue: 9 am-7:30 pm
Wed: 9 am-7:30 pm
Thu: 9 am-7:30 pm
Fri: 9 am-7:30 pm
Sat: 9 am-7:30 pm

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