Cafe Madrid

Cafe madrid
Cafe Madrid

Cafe Madrid is the longest running tapas spot in Dallas, and was long the only place you could get tapas in town. They were there before tapas became cool, they were there when tapas became hot and they're still there now that tapas have crested. Their list of options is lengthy, including potato omelet, blood sausage and white asparagus in vinaigrette. The menu also features Spanish classics such as paella and oxtail stew. Wine prices are low: Sangria can be had for $6.50 a glass, and the house wine is $4.50 a glass. The atmosphere is notable -- cozy and intimate, evoking the charming cafes found on the streets of Madrid.


Cafe Madrid
4501 Travis St.
Dallas, TX


Sun: Closed
Mon: 5 pm-11 pm
Tue: 5 pm-11 pm
Wed: 5 pm-11 pm
Thu: 5 pm-11 pm
Fri: 5 pm-11 pm
Sat: 11:30 am-midnight

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