Tu-Lu's Gluten-Free Bakery (closed)

This New York-bred gluten-free bakery serves sweets and lunches at its Sherry Lane locale. The pumpkin and banana breads, malomars — chocolate-covered marshmallow and graham cracker rounds — cookies, cakes and granola have us fooled. The sweet flavors and textures of Tu-Lu's treats are on par with some of our favorite wheat-filled baked goods. Lunch items include panini made with house-made bread and savory quiches.


Tu-Lu's Gluten-Free Bakery (closed)
6055 Sherry Ln.
Dallas, TX 75225


Sun: 10 am-6:30 pm
Mon: 9 am-6:30 pm
Tue: 9 am-6:30 pm
Wed: 9 am-6:30 pm
Thu: 9 am-6:30 pm
Fri: 9 am-6:30 pm
Sat: 10 am-6:30 pm

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