Dragon's Lair Comics & Fantasy

Dragon's Lair fantasy comic books West Anderson May 2013
Courtesy of Dragon's Lair

If you're looking for all the single software engineers in town, it's likely they're rolling two 20-sided dice to see if their magic-user cast a successful firebolt spell against a blue dragon. Scenes like this are common throughout North Austin's Dragon's Lair most weeknights and weekends, where role playing games (or RPGs as we call them) draw adults from all over town. With the friendly staff leading the way, Dragon Lair is your one-stop shop for new comic books, graphic novels, fantasy games and action figures. Literally everything revel-worthy in Nerdlandia under one roof.

You can schedule to hold your own game or event hosted at Dragon's Lair by contacting the full-time event staffer.


Dragon's Lair Comics & Fantasy
2438 W. Anderson Ln. Suite B1
Austin, TX 78757


Sun: noon-7 pm
Mon: 10 am-midnight
Tue: 10 am-midnight
Wed: 9 am-midnight
Thu: 10 am-midnight
Fri: 10 am-midnight
Sat: 10 am-midnight

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