Limerick-Frazier House

Austin photo: Places_Weird_Limerick-Frazier House_Exterior
Photo by Factory Builder Resources

Part museum, part classroom, East Austin's Limerick-Frazier House is a standing testament to the rich legacy of African-American cooking in Austin's diverse history. With a collection of cookbooks doubling as impromptu diaries of the strong, beautiful women who used them, the house is the last remaining boarding house of the original college where Huston-Tillotson University now stands. Today, culinary journalist Toni Tipton-Martin directs the SANDE Project which calls this House a home as the site for teaching local children the history and virtues of healthy home cooking.

The Limerick-Frazier House hosts culinary smackdowns during Black Arts Movement's annual BAM! Festival to celebrate Juneteenth in Austin, and the House also hosts an annual area-wide donation-based Peace Pie Festival to raise money for the SANDE Project. Pie recipes and contributions from all over Austin are invited to participate.


Limerick-Frazier House
810 East 13th Street
Austin, TX 78701