REUSE Jeans (Closed)

Courtesy of REUSE Jeans

REUSE Jeans is for the eco-friendly and fashion-forward shopper who wants to "step into a smaller carbon footprint one leg at a time." The jeans are not second-hand; they are made using "textile waste." So you can feel good sporting "new" denim from REUSE: You're supporting sustainable fashion and the environment.


REUSE Jeans (Closed)
8188 Park Ln. 154
Dallas, TX 75231


Sun: 11 am-7 pm
Mon: 10 am-9 pm
Tue: 10 am-9 pm
Wed: 10 am-9 pm
Thu: 10 am-9 pm
Fri: 10 am-9 pm
Sat: 10 am-9 pm

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