Top Dallas fitness studios for a low-impact, high-results workout
Crowbar Cardio Map It

Owners Karen Soltero and Molly Setnic believe in "wrecking your workout, not your body." This studio is all about low-impact, high-intensity workouts and offers classes with RealRyder bikes (a shock-absorbing bike that moves from side to side), barre and Indo-Row machines (a new kind of rowing machine). Crowbar also has circuit-training, boot-camp-style classes. If you're prone to injury or concerned about your knees, Crowbar has a workout for you. 

Flywheel Sports Map It
Flywheel Sports

There are 45 bikes at Flywheel Sports, ready and waiting for high-energy riders. Classes are all about intensity; you ride while climbing and working your arms to get full-body benefits. Flywheel is definitely for the competitive biker: You can compete with a classmate and see your stats on the TorqBoard at the front of the room. Each bike has a personal digital screen so you can set your speed and resistance. 

BodyBar Map It
Bodybar Studio

Kristen Moses and Laurie Gatlin opened Bodybar to provide Pilates-minded people with a new kind of workout in a boutique-like space. Each 50-minute workout combines Pilates, resistance and cardio. All 10 classes work your muscles with dynamic movements, isometrics and cardio bursts. There is also an in-studio mini juice bar with raw drinks and healthy snacks for post-workout revitalization. 

The Pilates Barre Map It

The Pilates Barre offers three kinds of 50-minute classes and private sessions — all of which involve whole body strengthening, lengthening and toning. You can expect a full-body workout with the help of a Megaformer machine in the Pilates Barre class. Bootcamp Barre involves more cardio and ballet, and the Barrebody class incorporates yoga and band resistance. All of the classes, set to high-energy music, are taught by upbeat instructors.  

The Bar Method Map It

The Bar Method started the whole ballet-workout craze in 2000, with a studio in San Francisco. Now there there are studios in 19 states throughout the country, including Texas. Classes focus on elongating muscles, reducing body fat, dance conditioning and intense interval training. There are three levels of classes (plus pre-natal modified classes) offered at the Park Cities locale. Choose a class any day of the week, and reserve a space online