Green thumbs up: The top Dallas nurseries and garden shops
CATEGORY: Home + Design
Redenta's Garden Map It
Redenta's Garden in Dallas

Located at the corner of Skillman and Oram streets, Redenta’s is small but mighty. The staff says they specialize in organic everything – succulents, herbs, perennials, Texas natives and hearty plants, roses – but we say Redenta’s specializes in creative ways to add some green to your home. There’s a DIY terrarium bar tucked against the back wall, but if you’re a little less DIY and a little more “do it for me,” no worries. The Redenta’s crew is highly trained, and they love to pair the perfect plant with the perfect pot. Also look for succulents; cacti; chunky, handmade pots; and brilliantly colored deck chairs. Plus there are teeny St. Francis medallions to protect your pets.

Walton's Garden Center Map It
Walton's Garden Center in Dallas

Wander the rows (upon rows) of trees, shrubs and hanging plants lined with oversized pots and sparkling water features, and you’ll feel certain you need one of everything. Walton’s specializes in Japanese maples, and it’s one of only a few nurseries that exists on actual soil with towering trees creating a shady canopy. Every February, Walton’s receives a shipment of 500 Japanese maples fresh from Oregon. But if J. Maps aren’t your thing, don’t sweat it. Walton’s is a great resource for shrubs, evergreens and yucca, and there’s a spectacular gift shop filled with ceramic platters, candles, soaps, gardening tools and more. 

Nicholson-Hardie Map It
Nicholson-Hardie in Dallas

Spread out across two locations on Lovers Lane, Nicholson-Hardie will send you down the road for outdoor plants, trees, shrubs, topiaries, boxwoods and an uber-selection of mid-sized succulents. Then they’ll send you back up the road for floral arrangements, potted plants, wreath station, a gigantic seasonal display with glittered (!) and lighted (!) things, doormats, placemats, vases, more vases, and then a few more vases. In short, the nongarden stuff is worth a stop. 

Ruibal's Plants of Texas Map It
Ruibal's Plants of Texas in Dallas Farmers Market

Ruibal’s is big. As in two-city-blocks big. Every inch is covered with something leafy, potted or blooming. Overall, Ruibal’s has more traditional plants – palms, tropicals, annuals and herbs – mixed in with occasional surprises, like a thunderhead pine or massive topiaries trimmed to look like kittens, bunnies and moose. Snack fact: Shed 2 at the Farmers Market is an indoor pavilion filled with amazing food vendors, including award-winning Pecan Lodge barbecue.

Jacksons Home & Garden Map It
Pottery at Jackson's Home & Garden in Dallas

This family-owned business started in 1983 as a pottery shop. We don’t need to tell you it has grown, like, a lot. Now Jacksons sells kitchen and outdoor appliances, grills, patio furniture, fireplaces, fountains, gazebos, statuary – and, oh yeah, pottery in all shapes, sizes, colors and price points. In addition to regular old homeowners, Jacksons is a go-to for architects and landscape designers who like all the fancy-pants items listed above, plus the assortment of trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, herbs, succulents and indoor plants that instantly spruce up the manor.

North Haven Gardens Map It
Eggplant at North Haven Gardens in Dallas

If you want seasonal pops of color or edibles, then North Haven is your go-to. In fact, edibles such as broccoli plants, raspberry bush and apple trees are the nursery’s specialties. And while it is annoying that the street is Northaven and the garden is North Haven, you’ll likely overlook that the minute you set foot inside the gates. There are tons of flowers, trees, fruit and vegetable plants, and vines to covet. North Haven also has a garden coach to give you one-on-one instruction, plus the nursery puts on classes about everything from properly planting fruit trees to composting. 

Shades of Green Map It
Shades of Green in Frisco

Shades of Green is sprawled out across 7 acres and tucked alongside a creek way up in Frisco. When you feel as though you’ve wandered into a charming rural town, you’ll know you’re in the right place. They probably grow “y’alls” and “hons” right alongside perennials and annuals. Guess what else? There’s a Pottery Barn. And not the kind with slipcovered sofas. Oh no. This one houses actual pottery. These folks are also way into landscape design, and they tout value. 

Cristina's Stone and Garden Center Map It
Cristina's Stone and Garden in Frisco

Cristina’s may be close to the middle of nowhere, but we love the crazy-good selection of annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs and succulents. The educated staff is happy to direct you to plants best suited to your sitch – dry, wet, sunny, shady, indoor, out. The nursery also stocks a ton of flagstone, rough-cut stone, boulders and more. While there, say hello to Cristina and Biggen, nursery cat rescues from Barncats Incorporated. They keep out rodents and gladly accept payment in the form of ear scratches and general adoration.