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Nasher Xchange ends with enticing infomercial promising secret to everlasting life

Nasher Xchange ends with promise to reveal secret to everlasting life

The Nasher Sculpture Center's Xchange program will come to the end of its four-month run on February 16, and the Good/Bad Art Collective will finally unveil the last piece of the puzzle, premiering the short film FOREVER on Saturday, February 8, at 3 am on KTXA/Channel 21.

Yes, that's 3 in the morning, meaning you'll either have to set your DVR or pull an all-nighter to catch the premiere of the 28-minute piece. The timing is intentional, of course, as the film is supposed to have the feel of an infomercial. Ones like I Hate My Hair! and Joint Relief air on KTXA at the same time on other days.

The film will also air at 1:40 am on Sunday, February 9 on WFAA/Channel 8, with additional airings in New York on February 14 and Los Angeles and Miami on February 16. All dates and times are subject to change, so make sure to check your local listings.

FOREVER isn't actually selling anything except, oh, the secret to immortality. The film mainly features a lone actor recounting stories about his family, along with his philosophies on life. His monologues are intercut with footage captured on opening night of the Xchange program, when visitors to the Good/Bad studio were invited to perform three different tasks for the cameras.

Anyone who participated in the initial filming will have to pay really close attention to those segments for a glimpse of themselves, as each lasts for only a minute and has multiple people blending into each other. Those segments are accompanied by a voiceover inviting viewers to call the on-screen number, where they will learn the secret to everlasting life.

How successful the film is in its message and as an addition to the Xchange program as a whole is up to the individual viewer. At the very least, it's a compelling piece of solo theater by the actor, Fred "Spike" Spiker, who may or may not be the son of late actor Steve McQueen.

If you happen to miss the two local airings, Good/Bad Art Collective says it'll air the film again at some point in the future. 

Good/Bad Art Collective's Curtains
Good/Bad Art Collective's short film/infomercial Curtains mainly features an unnamed actor recounting personal stories and his philosophies on life. Photo courtesy of Good/Bad Art Collective
Good/Bad Art Collective's Curtains
The actor's monologues are intercut with scenes shot during the opening night of Nasher Xchange at Good/Bad's studio. Photo courtesy of Good/Bad Art Collective
Good/Bad Art Collective's Curtains
Good/Bad Art Collective's Curtains