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Sam Swihart
Hot Mess by Sam Swihart at Fort Worth's Gallery 414. Photo courtesy of Gallery 414
Hobbes Vincent
The Horse by Hobbes Vincent at Jen Maudlin Gallery. Photo courtesy of Jen Maudlin Gallery
Sibby Beauchamp
A work by Sibby Beauchamp from Chivas Clem's new Paris, Texas, space The Fifth International. Photo courtesy of The Fifth International
Stanley Light
A collection of high and low treasures from Stanley Light’s “Great Minds and Psychic Weirdos” show at Erin Cluley Gallery. Photo by Kevin Todora
Richardo Paniagua
When M.C. Escher and Yayoi Kusama Make a Baby by Richardo Paniagua at Bivins Gallery. Photo courtesy of Bivins Gallery