Another Quake

Repeated earthquakes rattle Dallasites across the city

Repeated earthquakes rattle Dallasites across the city

Earthquake registered 1-6-15
U.S. Geological Survey confirmed there was a 3.5 magnitude earthquake, centered near the old Texas Stadium location, on January 6. Photo via

UPDATE: A second earthquake occurred at about 6:53 pm, felt especially acutely by residents in the northern suburbs of Dallas, extending from Irving to Lewisville and across to Allen. According to the USGS, it was a 3.6 magnitude centered in Irving, less than one half mile from the previous one.


At about 3:10 pm, an earthquake struck Dallas, stretching from Oak Cliff to Deep Ellum to North Dallas to Richardson, both east and west. According to, the quake was a 3.5 magnitude; U.S. Geological Survey confirmed it was a 3.5, centered near the old Texas Stadium location.

The area has been wracked lately by earthquakes, with two in the past seven days and nine in the past month, nearly all centered in Irving. This one, however, earned reports across Dallas, with exclamations all over Facebook.

It was felt in Lake Highlands, M Streets and the World Trade Center. Many office workers, from downtown Dallas to Las Colinas, reported that their buildings shook aggressively. Another at the Wells Fargo building said it shook like crazy.

One commenter said she was at 75 and Walnut Hill at Presbyterian Dallas; "the whole 4th floor just shook," she said. At Meadow Lake, another person said it rattled his desk. And in North Dallas, one woman said she thought something had hit her house.

"My couch literally moved, never felt that before," she said. Another joked, "I thought my wife had run into a wall."

"That was the first of all these I had zero doubt," read one report.

"So glad I'm not going crazy!" said Wynne Cunningham. "That seemed pretty big!"