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It's good to be a single straight guy in this North Texas city

Single straight men have it made in this North Texas city

Sundance Square in Fort Worth
These are literally the only people that are walking in all of Fort Worth. Photo courtesy of Bamboo Leasing

If you’re a North Texas guy looking for a last-minute Valentine’s Day date, you should head to Fort Worth, according to a new study examining the best U.S. cities for singles. By looking at the number of unmarried women per 100 unmarried men, average cost of a date and city walkability, the number crunchers at NerdWallet figured out that Fort Worth is the eighth best city in America for single men out there.

That is, of course, if you’re straight. The site notes that there isn’t sufficient data for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered singles. Someone should get on that.

The math: There are 121.05 unmarried women over the age of 15 (strange cutoff, but okay); the average cost of a date is $65.08; and the walkability score of Fort Worth, according to, is 43.60. That last number, unsurprisingly, is what hinders Fort Worth’s overall score, because even though New York City (No. 4) has an average date cost of $103 and just .05 more women, it also had a walkability score of 87.60.

And for Texas women looking to get some, Austin is the fifth-best city for single women due to the high number of unmarried men (102) per 100 unmarried women. The Capital City’s ranking is also challenged by its walkability score (35.40), but they’re totally discounting the sweet Segway tours you can take to meet guys.

The top five cities for singles overall are Boston, D.C., Philadelphia, Baltimore and Cleveland. No Texas cities made the overall top 20 because nobody walks in Texas, presumably. And walking is totally important for dating.