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This Dallas ZIP code clocks in among the smartest spots in Texas

This Dallas ZIP code clocks in among the smartest spots in Texas

SMU, Southern Methodist University
One ZIP boasts big shares of residents with postgrad and professional degrees. SMU/Facebook

The Dallas area is bursting with brain power, particularly in one part of town. One ZIP code in the region ranks among the top 10 in Texas with the highest share of residents Texans who've earned a master's, professional, or doctoral degree, according to a new list from

"When deciding where to live, neighborhoods full of residents with postgraduate degrees are … increasingly attractive," reads, which based its ranking on U.S. Census Bureau data. "Well-educated communities — full of leaders in technology, medicine, business, and more — can bring new industries and revenue."

The postgraduate category includes PhDs and MBAs, while the professional category includes JDs (law degrees) and MDs (medical degrees).

Coming in as the smartest ZIP code in Dallas — and No. 7 in Texas — is 75205. This Park Cities ZIP code is home to the Southern Methodist University campus. Here, 37.7 percent of adults hold a postgraduate or professional degree. 

Just outside the top 10, at No. 11, is adjacent 75225, where 35.1 percent of adults have a postgraduate or professional degree. Other Dallas-area ZIPs that make the top 50 are 75063 in Irving (No. 19), 75039 in Irving (No. 21), 75201 in Dallas (No. 26), Plano's, 75025 and 75024 (No. 33 and 34, respectively), Colleyville's 76034 (No. 35), Richardson's 75082 (No. 36), 75018 in Coppell (No. 38), 75093 in Plano (No. 39), 75013 in Allen (No. 40), Southlake's 76092 (No. 41), and Dallas' 75204, 75230, and 75214 (No. 42, 46, and 48, respectively).

The three smartest ZIPs in Texas are all in Houston, according to the study. Houston's 77030, which houses the Texas Medical Center, ranks No. 1, with more than half (51.7 percent) of adults 25 and over holding a postgraduate or professional degree.

No. 2 is Houston's 77005, where 48.5 percent of adults hold a postgraduate or professional degree, and No. 3 is 77401 — Bellaire — with 47.6 percent of adults landing in the category.

The other Texas ZIP codes in the top 10 for postgraduate or professional degrees are:

  • No. 4 — 78703, Austin, 41.5 percent.
  • No. 5 — 77098, Houston, 39.2 percent. 
  • No. 6 — 77025, Houston, 39.15 percent. 
  • No. 8 — 78746, Austin, 37.2 percent.
  • No. 9 — 78731, Austin, 37.1 percent.
  • No. 10 — 77024, Houston, 35.4 percent.

Federal data shows the unemployment rates for people with master's, professional, and doctoral degrees are lower than for other groups, such as people whose bachelor's or associate's degrees are their most advanced degrees. In addition, people with a postgraduate or professional degree typically earn more money.

"Graduates with the right knowledge and skills have the ability to demand higher salaries, as they are equipped to make significant contributions to the revenue and growth of the companies they work for," the Digital Marketing Institute says.


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