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How Dallas stacks up to America's top spots to tie the knot

How Dallas stacks up to America's top spots to tie the knot

Wedding at AT&T Stadium
NFL-themed weddings included, Dallas is a pretty decent place to get hitched. Photo courtesy of AT&T Stadium

Choosing where to get married can be stressful for many couples, especially when you have family and friends scattered all over the country. To help you decide where to tie the knot, here's how Dallas compares to the rest of the country when it comes to wedding friendliness. 

A recent report from WalletHub compared 150 of the country's largest cities to find "the cheapest and most convenient wedding destinations that also promise a memorable occasion." To determine 2016's best and worst cities to get married, the financial website looked at three main factors: wedding cost, wedding facilities and services, and activities and attractions.

With an overall rank of No. 85, Dallas doesn't make a particularly impressive showing. However, there are individual categories where we did score on the higher end of the scale.

Dallas places at No. 1 for lowest price of a three-star hotel (we're talking an average of $40 a night). That's helpful for all the guests who might be traveling in for a wedding, as well as those who might want to stay a few days extra to check out our 428 attractions. All of those things to see place us No. 18 as a travel destination.

Our abundance of restaurants also helps to keep costs down, as a three-course meal for two is only about $45, putting us at No. 39 in the country.

If you're searching for a church or chapel at which to have your ceremony, there are plenty to be found in Dallas. There are 111 for every 100,000 residents, and 58 other venues and event spaces for that same swath of people. 

We also have a decent number of event planners: 32.08 per 100,000 folks, making us No. 31.

But, as you may have predicted, weddings in Dallas come at a high price. The average Dallas wedding costs $30,930, while the national average is $26,444. This is the highest cost of all major cities in Texas.

Want to get hitched elsewhere? The top five cities for saying "I do" are Orlando, Florida; Las Vegas; Atlanta; Tampa, Florida; and Springfield, Missouri. The bottom five include Anchorage, Alaska; Worcester, Massachusetts; Newark, New Jersey; Yonkers, New York; and Moreno Valley, California, in last place.