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Mayor Mike Rawlings figured out how to not be useless. How will he use that power? Plus: Drones!

Mayor Mike Rawlings figured out how to not be useless. How will he use that power? Plus: Drones!

It’s the Friday 5, that special day of the week when a conceit I came up with in hopes of making this column easier to pen actually makes writing the column three times more difficult. Kill me now!

1. Mayor Mike’s deserved praise for his focus on domestic violence.
First, it was JFloyd and myself telling you that the mayor’s efforts to curb domestic violence and abuse of women were sincere and welcome. Now, others are chiming in with the same thoughts

This is admirable, yes. But now that the mayor has figured out a successful game plan for turning public attention to a problem, he needs to start using it on other, more divisive issues.

He has multiple PR companies and business bigwigs donating time and money, and that has resulted in much of the press attention you’ve seen. Now, it won’t be that easy to get people to go along with, say, an anti-fracking stance, but it proves the mayor can have influence despite the city charter’s limitations. I’d like to believe that realization can influence and perhaps spur another citywide crusade.

2. DA Craig Watkins held in contempt of court.
I thought the most interesting thing from yesterday’s courtroom drama was the fact the DA’s wife, political consultant Tanya Watkins, was on hand. Perhaps she was just there to show support of her husband. Perhaps she has no say in the way that office conducts its business. And perhaps someday in my sock drawer I’ll find a magical wonderland where talking animals roam.  

3. Treatment-centered approach to prostitution takes root.
Good story
by Brantley Hargrove about the Dallas Police Department’s efforts to help try to break the cycle of prostitution rather than just throw these women in jail. I particularly like the cut of Renee Breazeale’s jib, the senior caseworker with the Dallas district attorney’s office who gives real-world examples of how such an approach can help. (Although the smart ass who titled the URL “hooker roundup” may not be onboard with the liberal policing approach.) 

4. All the tech people who can decide to take a week off go to SXSW in Austin to beg for money, jobs.
I consult for a tech/content start-up. They’re all staying in Dallas, working their butts off this week. IJS.

5. Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are right about drones.
I know, a busted clock is right twice a day. But drones, torture, governmental harassment and transparency are the key failings of the Obama administration, and the nut-job duo addressed one of those concerns with the bill they filed yesterday. I’m just glad the GOP is too dumb to realize this and still screams about Benghazi and abortions and gay marriage and such.


Now Greg Abbott is making sense? Dogs and cats, sleeping together — mass hysteria!

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings
Mayor Mike has figured out how to use the (limited) power of the mayor's office for good. Let's see how he next uses it. Photo courtesy of Mike Rawlings for Mayor
Dallas district attorney Craig Watkins
Craig Watkins' wife, Tanya, was in the courtroom yesterday to support her husband. And that's all that needs to be said about that. Dallas South News
Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are right to be concerned about the Obama administration's drone policy.  Tedcruz.org