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HUD Secretary Ben Carson visits Dallas-Fort Worth on listening tour

HUD Secretary Ben Carson visits Dallas-Fort Worth on listening tour

Ben Carson
HUD Secretary Ben Carson will be listening in DFW. Courtesy photo

Former presidential candidate Ben Carson is here to listen. The newly confirmed Secretary of Housing and Urban Development is in Fort Worth and Dallas on March 29-30 as part of a tour he vowed to make to bone up on the job.

Carson, a retired neurosurgeon, was confirmed as HUD Secretary on March 2. He said he would embark on a "listening tour," to gather intelligence from HUD employees and public servants, seeking feedback from people and organizations who rely on and support public housing.

At his hearing, Carson said that the programs that have been enacted by HUD over the years may have been good programs, but have not successfully elevated its recipients. "We don't want it to be a way of life, we want it to be a Band-Aid and a springboard to move forward," he said.

Carson was in Pompano Beach, Florida, on March 24, where he visited a Habitat for Humanity project in Broward County.

His DFW visit includes two stops in Fort Worth and two stops in Dallas.

On March 29, he'll visit the Hunter Plaza Apartments on 1st St. in Fort Worth.

On March 30, he'll make a series of site visits with Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price that include the United Community Center at 951 Evans Ave.; Cook Children's Renaissance at 2600 E. Berry St. in southeast Fort Worth; and Cavile Place, at 1401 Etta St.

Also on March 30, Secretary Carson's 2017 Blockbuster Listening Tour heads over to Dallas. His first stop is at Dallas Housing Authority's Major League Baseball Youth Academy at the Field of Dreams Youth Mentorship Facility, in partnership with the Texas Rangers.

March 31, bright and early at 8 am, he'll join Mayor Mike Rawlings and coalitions on a tour of Jubilee Park and the Community Center Corporation at 917 Bank St.

And then Dr. Ben Carson will be gone, at least from DFW.